Consensus conference 2018

Wednesday, May 10, 2017



The European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) is pleased to announce that its fifth consensus conference will take place in Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland from 7–10 February 2018.

The first EAO consensus conference took place in 2006 and they have been held every three years since. During the conferences, experts take part in detailed discussions about key themes relating to implant dentistry before reaching a consensus based on research evidence and best practice. The reports that are published afterwards help provide guidance for the wider dental community. The EAO is unique in that its consensus conferences are completely self-funded and free of commercial sponsorship. This means that all results from the conference are completely free of bias.

During the 2018 conference, around 60 specialists will be invited to discuss a range of pre-defined themes. These themes will be broken down into several sub-topics which are discussed in groups. Each group consists of a chair, a secretary, rapporteurs and members. Prior to the conference an exhaustive literature review will be conducted by rapporteurs to identify the most pertinent papers on each topic. These reviews are used by the rapporteurs to draft a report which is circulated to members before the conference.

At the conference, each group reviews the evidence gathered during the literature review and debates it in detail. This frequently results in new papers being added or existing ones being rejected following rigorous assessment. All participants meet daily during plenary sessions to enable the whole group to discuss all topics and stay up to date on progress. By the end of the conference each group must produce a consensus report on their theme and sub-themes. This then undergoes thorough reviewing before being published in Clinical Oral Implants Research as an open-access supplement in the autumn.

Consensus conferences are one of the many ways that the EAO contributes to enhanced knowledge and best practice in the field. You can view reports from all previous conferences by visiting this link.