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Education Programme information

The EAO has a long-standing commitment to dental education. After lauching the Certification Programme in 2010, the EAO launched its Postgraduate Diploma in Implant Dentistry in June 2016. It complements the EAO Certification Programme and provides an additional service to EAO members and the wider dental community. It has been carefully designed to offer unique benefits that are not currently provided by other programmes.

The programme is made up of six modules to be completed over a three-year period, two each at case difficulties levels S (straightforward), A (advanced) and C (complex). Each of the modules includes a three-day live learning event (LLE) at one of Europe's most prestigious universities (Malmö, Groningen, Düsseldorf, Zürich, Madrid, Lisbon). Each LLE combines hands-on elements, lectures, seminars, practicals and live surgery. The LLEs will be complemented by expert mentoring, and participants will also benefit from a unique online learning platform.

Further details about the programme and its structure is available on the introductory brochure.



First series: 2016

The first intake of the EAO's Education Programme was launched in June 2016 when the 20 students from more than 10 countries gathered in Malmö for the inaugural LLE. They gathered again in November 2016 in Groningen, in April 2017 in Düsseldorf and in Zürich in October 2017.

They will meet again in May 2018 for the fifth event in Madrid, organised by Prof Mariano Sanz and his team.


Second series: 2017

The EAO is glad to announce that the second intake of the Education Programme has started in November 2017 with 20 participants from 13 countries. They met in Malmö for the very first live learning event.


Third series starting in 2018

A third series is expected to start in Autumn 2018. Places on the programme are stricly limited to 20 students. You may contact Mélanie at m.schneider [at] to pre-book your place. We have prepared an FAQs document which gives more details about the structure and the programme.

Should you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact the EAO Office at info [at]