The EAO’s Certificate in Implant-based Therapy has been developed to raise standards of oral implant-based therapy across Europe. Obtaining the certificate is a prestigious achievement that demonstrates the holder is competent to perform basic and advanced implant treatments. Certification is open to any dentist or maxillofacial surgeon worldwide – not just members of the EAO. 

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Completing the certification programme is an achievable goal for anyone who is suitably qualified. The EAO’s Certificate in Implant-based Therapy is the only Europe-wide standardised assessment of skills and expertise within the field of implant-based therapy. It supports the EAO’s core aim of improving standards of education, clinical practice and patient care in implant-based therapy. Certification provides a way of recognising the skills and expertise of dentists practising in this field.

EAO Certification from the EAO demonstrates to your patients and colleagues that you are committed to providing high-quality implant treatments. Successful applicants will be presented with their certificate by the EAO’s President during the award ceremony at the annual scientific meeting in front of an audience of their peers.


The EAO Certification Programme runs every year, get ready for next year by reading carefully the PDF guidance document which contains full instructions about what the application process requires. 

The EAO Office is available to assist you at all steps of the online application process, should you require any assistance or have any questions, do not hesitate to contact them at info@eao.org.

With all best wishes,
The EAO Certification Committee

Application Criteria

A. General requirement

The Certification Programme is open to any dentist or maxillofacial surgeon worldwide, providing they fulfil the other requirements. Candidates do not need to be members of the EAO.

B. Degree

The candidate shall hold an academic degree from an accredited dental school recognised by the ministry of health and the government of their own country.

C. Theoretical and clinical training

The candidate shall be able to demonstrate 250 hours of theoretical (60%) and clinical (40%) training.

D. Experience

The candidate shall have at least five years of experience in dentistry (earliest application five years after attaining dental degree).

E. Cases

The candidate shall present six different treated cases.

Application Fees

Registration fee: €500 – payable when the case studies are submitted
Examination fee: €1,000 – payable following acceptance of the application

Overview of the Certification Process and Checklist

Step 1 – Online application

  • Prepare your six case studies, including supporting pictures
  • When you are sure that your cases are ready, register on the EAO dedicated platform
  • Contact the EAO office at info@eao.org to arrange for the payment of the application fee of €500
  • Upload a CV with signatures from two supervisors (only for those who work in a university environment) 
  • Upload evidence of appropriate training (including 250 hours experience gained in the field of implantology)
  • Upload a signed statement confirming that you were in charge of the surgical/prosthetic treatment for the 6 cases presented (contact the EAO office for a template letter)
  • Complete one PDF for each case study (template) and prepare supporting images/radiographs in PDF format (example)
  • Upload the completed PDF + supporting images for each of the 6 cases
  • Finalise your online application before the deadline (6 July 2021)

Your documents will be assessed by the Certification Committee, and providing your case studies and supporting documents meet the criteria for certification, you will be invited to sit a multiple choice examination and take part in an oral examination online. Detailed information will be available to all successful applicants.

Step 2 – Prepare for written and oral examination

  • Familiarise yourself with the body of knowledge that underpins the multiple choice examination
  • Review your case studies in preparation for the oral examination
  • Submit the balance of your certification fee (€1,000)

Step 3 – Online written and oral examination

  • Log in to your application profile on the date communicated to you in advance
  • Multiple choice examination
  • Presentation of your case studies in front of a jury

If your application is successful and meets the criteria to obtain the certification (valid for 10 years), you will be awarded with the EAO Certificate in Implant-based Therapy!