Once my registration has been submitted, how can I access the Clinical Oral Implants Research, the official journal of EAO?

Once your membership has been confirmed, you may access the COIR online via your members area, clicking on Publications.

A complete set of instructions is available here

  May I also benefit from the printed version of Clinical Oral Implants Research, in addition to the online version?

EAO offers members the opportunity to benefit from 12 issues in hard copy at the additional preferential rate of 269€


  What are the rates for new EAO members?

The cost of membership for new members is 275€/ year.

Existing members can renew their membership for 225€/ year

  Is Clinical Oral Implants Research the only membership benefit I can get by becoming an EAO member?

EAO offers a wide range of membership benefits, among them a substantially reduced registration fee to the annual congresses, as well as an online and printed directory containing all the members’ professional references and their contact details. For further information on the EAO membership benefits, please visit the EAO website under “Membership”.