Junior committee

Introducing the Junior Committee

The EAO’s Junior Committee represents the younger section of the association’s membership. Its goal is to build an international community of young dentists with a strong network among its members. The committee develops new ideas to increase the number of young EAO members, and to encourage enthusiastic participation by young researchers and clinicians.

The Junior Committee is made up of eight members, each serving on the committee for a fixed length of time. Only one person from any European country can be a member at any one time.

Left to right: Sven Mülhemann (Switzerland); Katarzyna Gurzawska (Poland); Ferruccio Torsello (Italy); Iva Milinkovic (Serbia); Tommie Van De Velde (Belgium); Helena Francisco (Portugal); Stefan Fickl (Germany); Jose Manuel Navarro (Spain).

The current chair of the Junior Committee is Jose Manuel Navarro. Dr Navarro received his DDS from the Universidad Europea in Madrid, and undertook postgraduate training at the New York University College of Dentistry where he completed a three-year programme  in periodontology and implant dentistry and a MSc in biomaterials.

Our activities

  • contributing to the annual EAO meeting by presenting sessions
  • organising regular summer camps which bring together young scientists from across the world
  • building an informal network of younger scientists with an interest  in developing the  field of implant dentistry

Presentations at EAO annual meetings

At the EAO’s 25th scientific meeting in Paris, the Junior Committee presented a unique session called ‘7 Minutes to Convince’. It was chaired by Helena Francisco and Stefan Fickl.

It featured a series of short presentations showcasing new research submitted by members of the public. Of the 39 candidates who applied, only seven were selected to present during the session. The audience had the chance to vote for the one they thought was the best.


Summer camps

The Junior Committee held its third summer camp in 2014. This was held near Barcelona from 4–6 July. 40 young dental professionals from different backgrounds – many of them representing non-governmental dental organisations – were invited to participate. The Junior Committee was delighted to welcome representatives from some of Europe’s most distinguished dental associations.

The purpose of the  camp was  to explore the future of implant dentistry and its related specialities both in Europe and internationally. Four task  groups were created to explore the following  topics and generate an agreed response by all members in each group:

  1. Certification in the  next 10 years
  2. Societies and  associations in the  next 10 years
  3. Continuing education in the  next 10 years
  4. Scientific and  clinical innovations in the next 10 years

Following the camp, four papers were written and sent to peer reviewed journals for future publication. A report will also be published in the winter 2014 edition of Inspyred magazine


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