Luca Cordaro




Dr Luca Cordaro was born in Rome in 1964.

Dr Cordaro graduated with a degree in Medicine from the University of Roma “La Sapienza” in 1987. In 1990 he received his degree in Dentistry from the same University and in 1994 he received his Ph.D. in the same field from the University of Siena. In 1999 Dr Cordaro received his post-graduate degree in oral surgery from the University of Roma “La Sapienza”.

In 2002 he was nominated Head of the Department of Periodontology and Implant Dentistry at the Eastman Dental Hospital in Roma. In 2008 after the merging of the Periodontology and Prosthodontic departments he has been appointed Head of the Department of Periodontology and Prosthodontics.

Dr Cordaro is an active member of the Italian Society of Osseointegration and a Fellow of the ITI and Director of the ITI scholarship center in Rome. He serves as Educational Delegate for the Italian section of the ITI and is part of the Education Core Committee of the ITI.

In 2007 he won the H. Goldman Prize for Clinical Research of the Italian Society of Periodontology.

He has been Scientific Chair or co-chair of many meetings in Italy including the 2nd ITI Italian Congress (Rome 2006, 1100 participants) the 3rd ITI Italian Congress (Milano 2009, 1400 participants) Osteology Roma (Rome 2009, 1300 participants).

Dr Cordaro has recieved research grants from Nando Peretti Foundation (CH), ITI (CH), Osteology Foundation (CH), and is actively involved in multicenter trials sponsored by Straumann AG (CH) and Biomet 3i (USA); Nobelbiocare (CH) and Camlog (CH) have also sponsored some clinical trials at the Eastman in Roma.

Dr Cordaro is author or co- author of more than 70 papers published in Italian or international journals and he has lectured in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

He is author of different book chapters and co-author of the book “The SAC classification in Implant Dentistry” edited by Quintessence.

His professional interests are Periodontology, Implantology and Oral surgery with a special interest regarding the reconstructive treament of alveolar atrophies.

Dr Luca Cordaro can be contacted at:
Studio Cordaro
Via Guido D'Arezzo 2
00198 Rome, Italy
Email: info [at]


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