The General Assembly

The EAO usually organises every year its ordinary General Assembly for its full members during its annual congress.
All full members are invited to attend to participate in the life of the association and learn about its current and upcoming projects.

2024 General Assembly: Date and Location

The 2024 General Assembly will be held during the IAO-EAO-SIdP joint meeting at the MiCo in Milan on Friday, October 25th at 17:30.

Who can attend?

Only EAO full members are invited to attend the General Assembly and have full voting rights.
EAO full members who cannot attend in person, may appoint another full member to represent them and vote on their behalf using a Proxy Form.

Proxy Form here

If using the form, please fill it and send it to the EAO Full member representing you at the General Assembly meeting.

Minutes of General Assemblies:

The latest full minutes are now available.
EAO full members can ask for the minutes of all previous General Assembly meetings at