Ronald E. Jung (Switzerland)
EAO President

Our Committees

of Directors

Ronald E. Jung

Gil Alcoforado
President Elect

Turker Ornekol

Irena Sailer

Secretary General

Luca Cordaro
Past President

Helena Francisco
Robert Haas
Iva Milinkovic
Jose Manuel Navarro
Frank Schwarz


Henning Schliephake
Alberto Sicilia
Björn Klinge
Pascal Valentini


Elections for one additional member in the Board of Directors, mandate starting October 2024:
We are happy to announce that one position on the EAO Board of Directors will be open in Autumn 2024. Should you wish to join the Board of Directors and play a greater role in leading the Association in the coming years, please do not hesitate to apply.

Ui-Won Jung
(South Korea)

Iva Milinkovic*

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The strength of the EAO has been achieved throughout the years with the help of devoted men and women who have worked hard in boards and committees to define and set up numerous projects for members of the association.

Thanks to this, the association has greatly evolved over the past 25 years and is now offering a range of activities and services in education and research.

Who we are

A non-profit organisation formed as an international, interdisciplinary and independent science-based forum for all professionals interested in the art and science of osseointegration.

Our mission

As one of the leading associations within the field of implant dentistry in the world, the EAO aims to improve the quality of patient care by bridging the gap between science and clinical practice.

Our vision

  • Promoting and facilitating clinical applications of osseointegration for the benefit of patients all over the world
  • Promoting the advancement of treatment methods in reconstructive surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation based on the principles of osseointegration and related disciplines
  • Promoting and initiating research into improved clinical procedure for rehabilitation as a consequence of osseointegration.

Our history

The European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) is a non-profit organisation founded in Munich in 1991.
It was formed as an international, interdisciplinary and independent science-based forum for all professional interested in the art and science of osseointegration.

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Our governance

The Board of Directors appointed by the General Assembly, convenes at least twice a year. Among those directors are nominated the 4 members of the Executive Committee (President, President elect, General Secretary and Treasurer), also validated by the General Assembly.

The Executive Committee approves the day-to-day management decisions in coordination with the Committees’ Chairs.

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Our Office

Philippe Brégaint

Executive Director

Vincent Laudun

Congress Manager

Pauline Rabec

Office Manager

Sophie Maupoil

Association Manager

Samya Boufar

Membership and Marketing Manager

Marie-Charlotte Lamy

Education Project Manager