Our Mission

One of our main missions is to provide non-commercial education.

The EAO has a long-standing commitment to dental education. One of its central goals is to help practitioners improve the standard of their daily practice.

The association provides a wide range of educational initiatives and opportunities throughout the year, and each are completely independent. This ensures that each course is free from industry influence, and promotes only the highest quality, evidence-based information.

Education activities

Spring Break 19-21 May, 2022 Cascais, Portugal

Surgical and prosthetic concepts: how to do it the EAO way?

Learn practically and theoretically how the EAO approaches current “hot topics” in implant dentistry.

3 days of hands-on training in a golf resort in Cascais, Portugal. 12 practical workshops to take your expertise to the next level & a unique opportunity to network with an international community.

3-year Diploma in Implant Dentistry

The ground-breaking EAO Diploma covers a comprehensive array of topics. On successful completion of the programme, successful participants will receive the EAO’s prestigious Diploma in Implant Dentistry.

It combines online learning with live training sessions and mentoring on clinical cases submitted by students between modules.

Current cost: 21,990 EUR (excluding travel and accommodation costs)

Certificate in Implant-based Therapy

The EAO’s Certificate in Implant-based Therapy is the first Europe-wide standardised assessment of implant-based therapy. It provides a benchmark for assessing knowledge and skills.

Certification allows recipients to demonstrate to patients and regulatory authorities their competence to perfom basic implant treatments.

Master Clinician Courses

The Master Clinician Courses series was launched in 2015. Since then, participants have benefited from a variety of exclusive courses held by internationally renowned clinicians. The courses run twice yearly and complement topics covered during the annual scientific meetings.

With the guidance of EAO master clinicians, these courses translate cutting-edge research into accessible strategies which can be used in everyday practice. Look out for the upcoming Master Clinician Courses!

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, all courses are currently on hold.


Find all EAO scientific content on the Online Library. It offers a comprehensive and interactive online database where members can access articles, exclusive online resources and congress webcasts.

It puts a variety of articles and journals, as well as original scientific content at your fingertips. Use it to access a wealth of content and stay abreast of research developments and clinical guidelines.